Primrose Luxury Cottages

Primrose cottages blessed with immense natural beauty and pleasant climate, these cottages far from maddening crowed in all lap of nature. A perfect blend of luxury, sophistication and nature.

Novelty offers you an ideal choice for your dream cottages or holiday homes in the beautiful hills of Dehradun (Mussoorie). The hills of Mussoorie have an aesthetic aura, diamond cut roads, Mystic air, the serene coolness and the feel of Queen of hills such as great Environment.

Primrose Cottages take us away from the cacophony of our everyday schedule and gives life  a new Tinge that is graveled by the stone, chip of peace of tranquility and plethora of sheer beauty that surrounds the place  is nothing like anything it which give us ‘Nature living style’.

The natural Environment is the basis on which all life depends. The very air and atmosphere of Primrose Cottage has that chill and serenity about it that grasp the mind of people and captivate their soul for a time that is longer than what you spend there.

Our commitment towards mankind to provide world class residence and defines their lifestyle statement, An unparallel examples of Architectural excellence, each primrose cottage is unique blend of aesthetics, quality construction and impeccable planning.

Primrose cottages in Mussoorie gives you mesmerizing beauty of acres of lush green forest. A rare blend of lifestyle and spaciousness in the midst of nature that’s so Magnanimous. Contemporary styling, flawless finish and an overwhelming sense of tranquility makes you  enjoy the unique advantages of a peaceful home. Primrose cottages enable you to reach out the high of reality ,Undoubtedly  with world- class features.

Primrose Cottages located amidst pristine surrounding, the cottages at Koti(Dehradun) are idyllic homes with an awe-inspiring view  all around. The perfect scenery of the Mussoorie hills  and the dulcet tones of the  morning birds  are sure to rekindle your sense and rejuvenate your spirit, basking in nature’s glory. One can savor the ripe morning sunshine and be one with God’s Creation. The primrose cottages are divine and heaven in the city……..